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                                                                         Bred to work from  only  working lines. 

                         Browse the following pages for more info and photos..If you can’t see the menu for the pages,                                                                                                              go to  the link  in the top right hand corner.. 

Are they good with children? Absolutely !!!

A first meeting for William and Charlie, with Meg and Millie

Are they friendly with cats you might ask ?

And don’t forget the other family members, the chickens

What are Hunterslea Koolies used for ?

Hunterslea Dash Hunterslea Gundy and Hunterslea Sparky

Hunterslea Dash has now ventured into film work, performing under extremely

trying conditions, her obedience and willingness to please shone through, making

her an absolute charmer. Congratulations to her owner and trainer

Louise of Animal Talent.

To view some of Dash's work go to link below